Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mid week date night:)

I  am seriously in AWE at how much my sweet neighbors and ward members do for our family.. They seriously go above and beyond to help us out. This week alone I had a sweet friend Nikki Spiers bring me a diet coke (this may seem small to you but it was HUGE to me), then the wonderful RS president brought over a blanket and burp cloth for Tallin, and of course the biggest one for me was the young women coming over for their mutual night (It makes my heart soo happy to see the youth volunteer there time to help others) They gave us a 25$ gift card to chilis (curtosy of the bishop) and watched our kids for 3 hours so we could go out to dinner and have some time away. I really hope that I NEVER forget how much love and support I got/felt from my friends, family and ward members. I want my children to remember how much service and love was shown to us during the time in our lives that seemed to be a "little to much to bare" on our own. I am soo grateful for the gospel and the wonderful members of our ward/community that go out of there way to make sure that others are taken care of. Most of them dont even know how much they have effected my life and how much I admire and truely love them. I hope that I can teach my children the importance of service, I have such a strong testimony of "lightening the load for others" and "sharing there burdens" and over the last couple years that testimony has grown even more as people have so willingly went out of there way to "lighten our load".. 

Heavenly Father gives us trials but he doesnt expect us to go through them alone, not only is he with us every step of the way, he puts people in our lives that he knows will listen to his promitings and be "His helping hands" here on earth.  I hope years from now my kids and I will be the ones to be serving someone else in need. I hope that we can look back on this time in our lives and see Heavenly Fathers love being manifuested through all of the wonderful people that He put in our lives..

Here are a few pictures of "mom and dad's date night" just in case you kiddos are wondering what we do when we are not at home:)

1st: mom spends hours and hours getting ready and trying to find the perfect outfit!

Then I make dad take a few self portraits of us  

Kids just so you know this is your dad's idea of "romantic", when your older and dating (BOYS) dont do this its NOT CUTE:O) Just sayin!!

a few more pictures of dad being silly/romantic.. good thing he's soo darn "Good Lookin'.. his romance skills could use some work:)

MOM ALWAYS gets dessert, just so you know:)

and I always make random strangers take pictures for us/me:)

and then I make dad work on his photography skills, just cause I know he doesnt like to do it.

and YEP mom and dad still kiss:O) and we LIKE IT..

and then to finish off the night: we fall asleep to a really bad romantic movie:) ...because if I cant have the romance, I at least want to watch it on TV....... and if you can't tell by this post I really like to give your dad a hard time:) but in reality he's a wonderful husband and I love him dearly!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love at Home FHE

Last night I was SOOO TIRED and I really didnt want to spend even 1 second planning an FHE lesson, so I just chose a lesson I already had planned and ready. :) We have done this lesson many times before but I chose it because Briyler has really been a big bully lately, I was hoping he would listen to this story and learn a few things about being kind... (he doesnt listen very well and last night was no exception) after we finished Kaj and I had both felt like the night was pretty much a waste and the kids hadnt really gotten anything out of it. I know that being persistant is KEY, so I'm glad we pushed through it. Even if FHE only lasted a total of 7 min.. :)

opening prayer: Briyler

opening song: Jesus wants me for a sunbeam

lesson: LOVE AT HOME, you can find the lesson on one of my previous posts.

another song: if your happy and you know it clap your hands

closing prayer: mom


We had a pretty fun weekend together so here are a few photos that made me smile.

Dugi, playing in the Water.. His dream come true

Dugi dumping water all over pipa;) she was a good sport.

The kids actually having a good time together.. and there was NO fighting.. woohooo

Dad just being Dad.. :)

Pipa found grandmas phone.. She loves to eat them

Tui, just hangin out and being a good sleeper.

Dugi and mom having a fun day

Ryker LOVES holding his baby brother, and I LOVE the help!

Dad loving his "Dugi Dew" :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We finally got OUT!!

Out of the "house" that is:) This weekend was the first weekend we tried to get out with little Tallin. He seems to be doing pretty well and the Dr's think he needs some "fresh air" so Friday my mom and I took all of the kids to the "Jet Blue" carnival. The kids had such a great time, every single one of the kids was soo happy to have Ryker home for the weekend. It makes me soo happy to see them creating fun memories with one another.

Ryker is such a good helper, always holding the baby for me.

Tallin hanging out in the stroller, while the kids play at the carnival

Ryker with his usual pose and happy face :)

Mommy and PIPA!

Briyler was hott and wanted to be in the stroller..

Dugi sure does love his grandma

Briyler playing golf

Dugi Loved the games


Dugi doesn't love mommy as much as grandma...

Ryker made friends on all of the jump houses.:) he played the ENTIRE time

After the carnival we had a family birthday dinner for Chad. Lexi and Chad chose to go to Iggy's which is a great place for kids, because its not formal at all:) The kids played pretty much through the entire dinner and everyone got a laugh out of Briyler eating Coby's pasta.. I'm pretty sure Lexi recorded it and is going to post it on YOU TUBE.. haha...

Ryker, Trevor and Bri

Good Ol' Grandpa

Birthday boy and Aunt Lexi!

Bri and his pasta face

Dugi couldn't figure out why everyone was laughing at him, so he just joined in :O)

Great table manners Grandma:) THIS IS MY FAV PICTURE.. I love how happy they are


Mom loving on Tallin

Saturday we woke up pretty early as usual and headed out for the suncrest annual garage sale. It wasn't as buys as last year but I still picked up a few good items.... Camping shell, high chair that connects to the table, some kitchen decor, "I am a Child of God" image book (which I almost bought last week at desert book), a hamper that has 3 separate compartments, and of course the kids bought a TON of toys that we probably don't need... All in all it was pretty fun, and the kids lasted way longer than I expected.
After garage sale shopping the kids and Kaj pretty much all went home and crashed.. I ran some errands and then after nap we were off to the pool for a birthday party.. I am bummed that I forgot my camera but the kids had a great time playing and going down the slide.. Grandma and Grandpa even came to the pool and that NEVER happens. :) this has been one of the best weekends we've had as a family in a while and it was EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

FHE putting on the armor of God..


Yesterday we picked up Ryker for the weekend and can I say it is sooo nice to have him home. He always has a little bit of a hard time adjusting at first, so I am glad that we had a fun FHE lesson planned for tonight. Ryker has been asking if we could have a lesson on this for almost a month and I finally (with lots of help from dad) got around to putting it all together.

Opening prayer: Ryker

Opening song: Keep the Commandments (pretty much a solo by mom)

Scripture: Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
(Ephesians 6:11)

Lesson: I explained to the kids that when you ride a bike or play football you wear a helmet and pads to protect yourself, and in life we need to wear "pads and helmets" to protect ourselves against Satan's temptations. The kids LOVED this lesson and of course loved to "pretend fight" with their shields and swards after the lesson was over:)

Treat: COOKIES (MY FAVORITE) I have already made 3 batches since coming home with Tallin.. My intention every time was to eat a few and then give most of them away, I haven't given away a SINGLE cookie... SOOO NOT COOL!

closing prayer: mom

Ryker and bri excited to be with eachother

Ryker dressed up in the armor first, LOVED IT!

Dugi however, did not love it as much:)

Bri thought it was the best thing ever

I kept trying to sneak a picture of dad and he was making all sorts of goofy faces.. I finally caught him off guard when he was holding Tal.. how can you not smile when you are holding that kid!!

Pipa wanted to dress up too:)

Tallin "Tui" gotta love that face.

dugi loved his watermelon

but not as much as DADDY did..

super fun night. I'm soo glad kaj and i found time to put this lesson together, even though it ended up being a sward match towards the end the boys had a really great time and they actually listened for the most part:)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Fathers Day 2012

I am sooo happy to be home!!  We had a great weekend celebrating fathers day. Kaj and I let the kids play outside in the water table pretty much all day Saturday and then we watched church movies and made dinner for my family Sunday (since they were driving home from California)... Don't worry that I totally butchered the meatloaf and Trevor said it was pretty much inedible:O) HAHA good thing I'm not sensitive about my cooking skills, I KNOW I"M AWFUL!!

I am soo thankful that I have such a wonderful Dad, he is always the life of the party and he keeps things exciting till at least 8pm (after that he's in bed)haha, sorry Dad, I had to put that in there.. He knows how to make people laugh and everyone loves to be around him. Thank you Dad for being such a wonderful example to me over the years, I Love you and Mom more than you guys will ever know..

we don't have a picture with Tallin but this is a perfect description of grandma and grandpa:) we love you!!!!

And of course I save the best for last!! Where do I even begin with my hubby?!?! He is seriously the BEST EVER..I know he does soo much more than what normal husbands/dads do.

**he LOVES to play with "us" (even if it is rough housing, which is supposed to be a no no),
**he tucks the kids in to bed pretty much every night
** he wakes up during the night with the babies and always rocks them back to sleep
**he loves to play soccer and baseball with "us"
**he knows just how to fix all of "our OOWWies"
**he makes us all laugh uncontrollably
**he makes WAY BETTER dinners than mom does
**he loves to take "us" camping and fishing
**he is a little bit of a pushover, in a fun way
**he is always smiling and its pretty contagious
**he makes "us" cars made out of cardboard so we can have movie nights
**he always changes the really yucky poopy diapers.. NOW THAT'S LOVE
**he tells "us" jokes
**he's always up for going on an adventure
**he is always the 1st to volunteer to help someone in need
**he teaches "us" about Heavenly Father and never forgets to have family night
We love you daddy. Thank you so much for everything that you do for us, we love and appreciate you soo much more than you know.

just FYI this was NOT A DARE!! Daddy LOVES to dress up:O)

I really hope daddy isnt reading the blog today, he is going to kill me for posting these pictures:)


FATHERS DAY 2012 (TUI was sleeping)