Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Choose the Right, FHE


Last night was FAMILY NIGHT!! WOOO HOOO, (or at least that's how I was feeling all day) but when dad got  home and it was time for the fun to begin, the mood was CLEARLY not spiritual or happy. Dad had a rough day at work yesterday, it must have been pretty bad cause usually he doesn't let work effect his attitude when he gets home. So with the mood clearly not what it should be and mom forgetting to make a treat I thought it would be just what dad needed to be in charge of the treat with the kids. Instead of starting with the lesson the boys and dad went in the kitchen to prepare something yummy to snack on:O) I think it worked, the boys were in a much better mood (probably cause they were soo excited for the treat) and it gave dad just enough time to cool off and get in the FHE spirit!! :O)

Opening prayer: Ryker

Opening song: Choose the Right, **love that I heard the boys trying to sing it after family home evening was all over!


Lesson: I found the game board and stories on pinterest:) They were in the recent issue of the friend, but this lady made the game board in color!! (http://pinterest.com/pin/251709066643381847/

the boys did surprisingly well at this.. There were 2 stories that you are supposed to read before you start the game and then during the game you have to answer the questions listed about the stories. I didn't know if the boys would be able to sit through 2 stories and then still remember them enough to answer the questions.. They did ok for the most part, any answers that they didn't know they recruited dad so they would still be able to move there game pieces... (which were gummy bears) :O)

closing prayer: Ooops, I had to forget something right?! :O)


(Lucky Charm rice crispy treats) MMMMMMM

 I love when they are kind to one another! SOO GLAD I CAUGHT THIS MOMENT:O)

the boys posing with there "TOUGHEST" choose the right pose... :O)

 this was Dugi's attitude for the start of FHE :( not so fun!

and this is Dugi's attitude by the end of FHE! :O) SUCCESS!!! :O)

 the most BEAUTIFUL baby Girl I've ever seen!!! Yay for being able to see her 1 tooth!! :O)

 Sorry Girl we still dont have hardly any "girl" toys, but you are plenty happy with out them for now!
                                           (and for that I need to say THANK YOU)

Love all of my SWEET BABIES!!!!!

( I intentionally left out these parts: Kajsen falling off the counter, *during treat making
:(   Briyler eating everyone's game pieces, and Ryker being very upset about it.. And mom loosing her cool just a little cause the boys wouldn't stop playing during singing time.. which was totally not necessary seeming how later in the evening the boys were walking around singing the parts of the song they remembered:O)

Monday, February 27, 2012

I feel like a "spiritual mess"

Ohh goodness where to start this week:O)
**Ryker spent the weekend with Rick, as you can imagine we had a couple hick ups on sun day when we picked him up.. but that seems to be the norm now:)

**Potty training with Bri is actually going surprisingly well, he's had only a handful of accidents in the last couple of weeks and some nights he wakes up completely dry. I am to afraid to say the words "he's potty trained" because I don't want to jinx it but YOUR doing  AWESOME LITTLE BUDDY!!

**Kynlie is getting over her ear infection and when we took her in last week we figured out she now has thrush.. (not a super serious thing) but its another 3 weeks of antibiotics. BLAHH!

**Dugi has just been his usual self... he is obsessed with pots and pans lately and the word HOT!!! Its all you play with and all you talk about.:O)

** Dad is running around trying to take care of and please everyone. My POOR HUNNY ran to the store at 10pm the other night in search of "soft homemade tasting" cookies for me.. He came home with soft Harmon's cookies (snicker doodle, YUMM), regular bakery chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered oreo's, regular oreo's, ooey gooey chips ahoy, and a couple other treats.. haha I think he wanted to make sure he wasn't going to have to go back for anything!! :O)

**and as for me, well......... I'm feeling like a little bit of a spiritual mess right now... :( I haven't been feeling very well the last couple weeks and its made it hard to get myself and the kids to our 8:30 am church:( I think all of our spiritual cups are running a little low as of now) ... I'm really starting to feel and see the difference. The feeling in our home isn't the same. We are all a little more on edge, and there is ohh so much fighting! I need to come up with something to change all of our feelings, and attitudes ASAP!! I'm thinking a fun FHE tonight will help and the kids with being a little more kind, and then I am going to have to be on the hunt for some fun "spiritual" games or ideas that we can do throughout the rest of the week. WE ALL NEED IT!

I don't share my testimony very often, I know that I should and I am trying to share it more so that my kids grow up hearing it! (I keep it guarded because its something that is very dear to me. I get afraid that if i put it out there for everyone to hear, that makes it fair game for discussion and or criticism... but here it goes:
 Life isn't always easy but I know that Heavenly Father knows me by name. He knows when I'm struggling and he knows what I need to get through it. I am soooo GRATEFUL for the power of prayer and I am BEYOND THANKFUL for loving friends and family members that are always willing to help.. I have such a strong testimony of my SAVIOR and the love he has for each one of his children, I know that he as a plan for me and even though I don't feel like I am strong enough or capable of doing some of the things he's asking of me, I know that whatever strength I don't have or wherever I am falling short he will make it up for me. I want my children to know that life isn't always easy and sometimes its actually really challenging but if you just have faith and continue to do your part Heavenly Father will always help you through. I love each and everyone of you guise and I am excited that our family is expanding! We cant wait to meet you little "Tallin" (at least that's the name we like for you as of now) There is something about bringing a new born home that makes me feel sooo close to Heaven!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Things have been just as busy as ever around here. This week we started potty training Briyler, (woo hoo, no more diapers!!) It has been a LONG couple of days already! Day 1: Briyler went through 16 pair of underwear, WHAT THE?!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!!:O) Every time he had an accident he'd then ask if he could "NOW HAVE A DIAPER", once he realised I wasn't caving in and he wasn't going to get diapers anymore he's got better. I will probably do a separate post for his potty training since its kind of a BIG DEAL:O) HE'S GROWING UP SOOOO FAST!
Since today was presidents day we decided to do a REALLY FUN FHE. Dad didn't work (WOOO HOOO, we all LOVE having him home!!)  We have been trying to stay home and not go out to much while we are potty training but tonight we decided it would be fun to go bowling with some of our good friends. (Next time we go out we are going to have to get some pictures TOGETHER:O)  It was SOOO MUCH FUN, the boys love to bowl and they loved it even more with there friends. I decided to put together a REALLY QUICK lesson on how to be a good friend.
 (Just trying to sneak in the lessons as often as I can:)

I had 6 different scenario's listed on the pictures and the kids had to decide weather the action was "being a good friend' or "being a bad friend" and then they had to put it in the bag that described there situation. I didn't really push the lesson to hard today so I'm not sure if the boys even got anything out of the lesson but it still made me feel good to know I at tried. :)

I Love seeing the boys have a good time. We don't take them out a ton so it was really nice to get out for some FUN FAMILY TIME!! Ontop of that, I love seeing them interact with other kids, its so fun to see how they talk and act around kids that arent there siblings.

 After bowling we went back to the Johnson's and had pizza for the kids and BBQ for the adults.. UUMMM UUMMM YUMMY!!  The kids had an awesome time, (THEY ALWAYS DO!!)  and they couldn't believe we were letting them "play with friends" on a school night... haha, I'm such a mean mom! (Our regular routine is dinner, homework, scriptures, prayers, teeth and bed!!)

Well Here are a few of the pics from tonight.

Ryker making his "zombie" face while we were waiting for dad to pay for our lanes.

Dugi and Daddy bowling:) YAY DUGI


HUH? I'm just waiting for my turn mom.

of course the only way to get Dugi to sit was to give him food! :O)

Ryker LOVES TO BOWL, heres the CELEBRATION!! :O)

Bri doesnt need any help, I cant even be standing next to him... (just a note, HE HAD NO ACCIDENTS THE WHOLE GAME.. YAYAAAA)

Who knows where the "zombie" thing came from, hopefully its just a phase.

Briyler trying to be like his brother... FUNNY FACES ALL NIGHT LONG!!

Who is that handsome man with my baby?!?!?! OOOW OOOOW.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Today was a super fun filled day with lots of little surprises for the kiddo's..  Mom got to sleep in, which means DAD woke up with the kids (I have to be honest, that is how it usually goes anyway, isn't my husband WONDERFUL!?!?!) Oooooh how I love my sleep in the mornings!!! I couldn't ask for a better valentines day present.. (the shopping I am going to get to do this weekend will be a very close 2nd though)

The fun began for the boys after lunch, (which was heart shaped peanut butter and honey sandwiches.) We played lots of red light green light and simon says kind of games, then the boys each got there own box of conversational hearts.. (they loved reading what was on the hearts more than eating the candy:O) .

Then dad brought home heart shaped pizza and cinasticks for dinner  (thank you Papa Johns)

After the boys pretty much devoured 2 full pizzas and cinasticks, we played downstairs in all of there favorite toys until they couldn't stand it anymore... "MOM WHATS FOR DESSERT", apparently the cinasticks wasn't a dessert. ;) luckily I was prepared...

They boys have been asking if we can get a dog lately so I decided to make all of there wishes come true on valentines day:) little do they know that these are the only dogs we will be getting for a LONG TIME!!! :O) Mommy and Daddy love you little munchkins more than you know, I hope you enjoyed all of the fun!! (Ryker didn't want his picture taken today:( its ok cause I forgot to take a picture of cute little kynlie cause she was being soo quiet and good)
anytime there are treats or pizza involved the boys get to be naked.. haha clean up is way easier

can you believe how stinkin blue his eyes are!! Such a heart melter.


And as for the hubby's valentines gift, he really NEEDS some new clothes but I decided I'd let him take care of that on his own and I'd do something a little more meaningful.

I bought most of the stuff to make this "LOVE BUCKET" a while ago but I am the biggest procrastinator EVER.. I didn't actually start it until late last week and I ended up having to wake up in the middle of the night last night (since that was the only time I had to do anything crafty without him knowing) to finish putting it together.. :) I had my younger brother (thanks Trevor) deliver it to Kaj at work this morning, SUCCESS!!!
-- I found the idea online a few different places and just changed a few things to make it more personal for us. I love the finished product!!

and here's what filled my little bucket:)

protein bars instead of candy bars :)

all natural non salted almonds, his fav (and the most expensive) snack EVER:)

Love coupons, and there was also a little booklet of the Top 10 reasons I love you!! Oops forgot to take a picture of the booklet:(

I love surprising him!! I am seriously the luckiest woman in the whole world.. I love you SOOO much honey and I hope you know just how much I love and appreciate all that you do! My life wouldn't be the same without you and I am soo grateful Heavenly Father led me to YOU!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! :O)



I thought with valentines day being so close (today) I would do my FHE lesson on LOVE:) I found a site that had scriptures and a story and then i printed out a heart puzzle. Mom has been quite impatient during nap time lately (mainly cause the older boys haven't been taking a nap) so we decided to make a deal. Ryker and Briyler don't have to take a nap (and mom wont get mad at them for not sleeping) if they promise to be kind to one another and play quietly downstairs. We will see how that goes:O)

Opening Prayer: Kajsen, (he's learning to pray and its soooo cute)

opening song: LOVE AT HOME, That's a good one!

lesson: Talk about how the Savior showed love and what love means. Also talk about how to show love to one another.

game: Heart Puzzle

closing prayer: Bryiler

Treats: "I LOVE YOU" Peeps I found at walmart:O)

the lesson was a little rocky, the boys didn't find the puzzle as amusing as some of the other games and flannel board stories. Our lesson on "LOVE" didn't feel so loving at times so I have a feeling we will be doing more lessons on LOVE this year:O)

Monday, February 13, 2012


                                                                    WE MADE IT!!!!!

Last week was a little chaotic to say the least. The kids and I had 3 whole days without daddy, the longest 3 days of my life:).....

(Your my hero mom, I don't know how you raised all of us with dad traveling every week)!!!!!!!

I tried to keep the kids occupied with lots of little surprises, toys, special treats,  EVEN take out dinners :O) (that was mostly for me).. but it didn't work, by day 3 they were DONE WITH ME!!  All they wanted was their Loving, Playful, Super COOL DAD. (and to be honest all I wanted was my wonderful hubby HOME!!) Friday night I bathed the kids, brushed there teeth, had family scripture reading and prayers and sent them off to bed with the thought "when you guise wake up in the morning DADDY WILL BE HOME"... and just as I thought, 5:45am rolled around and the boys were running into our room screaming DADDY!!! (yep welcome home dad:O) without complaining dad got out of bed and the fun began! The boys spent all morning and all afternoon: chasing, tackling, playing tricks, hugging, kissing, and throwing balls at dad........  Its days like this when I remember just how lucky I am! Not only is Kaj a loving and supportive husband, he is such an amazing dad.. He has always been so hands on with the kids and I don't take that for granted.... I appreciate him being there for our children and having his own "special" relationship with each one of them.

After the kids had there "DAD" fix, we decided it would be nice to go out on a fun date.. So we called the Johnson's ( ohh how we LOVE THEM) and made some plans..:O) Rodizio's Grill (Kaj's fav restaurant), bowling, and ice cream!! Sooo much fun, and a perfect way to end the week!

Cant wait for Valentines day this week. I have a couple fun things planed for the kids! :O)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yep it was family night again!! Today our lesson was on consequences.. Great lesson for our boys. I found a really fun activity online and used that lesson with a few adjustments. The boys have been asking when we can have family night and play games again, I love to hear them say that they like FHE.. Makes me feel like they are learning something and like all of my hard work isn't for nothing.

opening prayer: Briyler

opening song: if your happy and you know it (looks like we will be adding that to the list of usuals), and Jesus wants me for a sun beam.

scripture: 2 Nephi 27-28

Lesson:  " STAD "  this was a great lesson. I printed out the green monster, which the boys loved. The green monster is the want monster, he tempts you to do only the things that you want to do and not always the things that you should do. The boys thought it was kinda funny. We read some of the different scenarios and the boys had to act out "STAD" Stop, Think what is the consequence going to be if i do this... , Ask is the consequence worth it... , Do the right thing.... we even got dad to act out a scenario:O) the boys especially love when dad does silly things for family home evening...

I was really surprised at how much the boys loved the game last night but i was even more surprised when ryker came home from school today and he said: "mom, I was playing on the playground and one of my friends hit me, and do you know what i did!!" me: "what did you do Ryke", ryker: "i did what we learned last night, STOP THINK AND DO THE RIGHT THING".. (yep i know he skipped a step) but I was THRILLED.. I'm sooo glad that he listened last night and not only did he listen he actually applied the lesson!                                                                                                                closing prayer : Ryker

Treat: was caramel popcorn

I have such a strong testimony of family home evening and how important it is.. I am soo glad that i set this goal for our family, my goal wasn't to just Have family home evening but to put time and preparation into the lesson and really choose subjects that would be helpful for my kids right now. Heavenly Father has blessed me soo much over the last couple of weeks and I know that he's proud of me for taking the extra time to teach my children the lessons that he would like them to learn:) I hope everyone has a great week!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

life is crazy and beautiful all at the same time.

Ok so this week for my weekly post I thought I'd write about how CRAZY and BEAUTIFUL life can be all at the same time.... I've been really  REALLY struggling lately ( I feel like I say that a lot) but the last couple months have just been rough..I feel like such an inadequate mother.. My kids deserve the kind of mother that I read about in every one elses blogs! You know the kind of mother who playes fun games with her children all the time, the kind of mother who always kisses there owies better, the kind of mother who makes huge healthy meals every night, the kind of mother who is ALWAYS patient and never loses her cool, the kind of mother who DOESNT put her kids infront of a tv for hours on end.. you know that kind of MOM!!! Most days THATS NOT ME, sooo on top of me feeling super inadequate and down, Pipa has been teething (BOOOO) and she just got her first ear infection this week, Briyler is in FULL FORCE TERRIBLE 3's (its awful), Dugi must be feeling neglected because he cries at my feet all day long wanting to be held and poor Ryker has been struggling with his "dad" aka Rick, not showing up for visitation.. It really effects him and I hate how much disappointment he has had to handle this early on in life!.... in short...... I am just feeling BAD!!

BUT.............. (now that I've bored you with all of my weekly problems) can I just say, HOW BEAUTIFUL MY LIFE IS at the same time!!! In spite of all of the struggles, that sometimes feel like to much... I am sooo very grateful for the many tender mercies Heavenly Father shows me on a weekly basis.

*I am loving watching Briyler and Ryker play lately. They seem to be forming a brotherly bond that makes me OHH SOO HAPPY.. they truly are best friends and they walk around the house all day long saying "love you buddy", " love you too little buddy"!! SOO CUTE!!

*on top of Pipa feeling under the weather she is still sooo smiley.. She is starting to laugh and hearing that just makes my heart MELT!!... (for the most part she is still sleeping through the night, DEFINITELY A TENDER MERCY)

*and Ohh my little Dugi!! What to say about him, he is starting to try to fit in with the older boys. He follows them around the house trying to be like them, he thinks they are the best things ever!! Right now he is testing the waters and trying to figure out what his roll is going to be. The boys love him but he's still a little small to play all the rough games the older boys love to play...So when he's not following his brothers around, he loves to dance, smile, eat and play with mommy and pipa:) :) .. I Love that he is such a happy little boy!! and I love watching him grow!

*my husband making 3 batches of caramel popcorn, SOOO YUMMY!! (and yes popcorn was a tender mercy for me this week)

I think the highlight of the week FOR ME was game night with some super fun friends!! I loved having the adult interaction (a friendly game of phase 10).. I am still  SOO surprised at how well our kids get along. They also have 4 beautiful children, 3 girls and 1 boy:) the 2 older kids are girls, that's who Ryker and Briyler normally play with, and can I just say how cute they all are together!! They were laughing and dancing upstairs. Briyler was wearing tinkerbell sun glasses and playing a pink guitar, HILARIOUS!! Ryker was on cloud 9 telling all the girls what to do... OOOHHH and As we were playing phase 10,  we hear " I WANT TO MARRY YOU!!) said from one of the cute little girls to Ryker... Ryker totally blushed and ran away.. and then of course we embarrassed both of them by pointing it out:O)  But it was seriously sooo cute!! (My boys never talk about marriage, I cant wait to hear the funny girly things Pipa is going to say) ........They hardly got in trouble or misbehaved the whole night.. Don't get me wrong it was a crazy, and loud, and chaotic, and almost circus like.... but what do you expect when you have 8 kids all under 7... ( I think there oldest is 7) .... For some reason it just works when our 2 families get together... I love seeing them ALL soo happy!!!

I think I might venture out to say that the highlight for my HUBBY this week was the GIANTS WINNING THE SUPERBOWL!!! Kaj is actually a HUGE COLTS fan but since they had an awful year, he thought it would be nice to show Peyton's younger brother Eli some LOVE:) We had an awesome time at the Bauers house, lots of food, friends, and FUN!!! Perfect end to our week!

WELL..... I gotta get my FHE plans ready for tomorrow.. :) Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!  **speaking of next week, I hope I make it out alive!! Dad is going on his 1st business trip which means mom is home alone with 4 kids ALL BY HERSELF for 3 days, then a week later he is leaving for ANOTHER 4 DAYS!! EEEK I am hoping I make it through this month!!!!!!!!

*There is JOY IN THE JOURNEY, I think I might be listening to that song alot this week... its one of my favorites!!