Monday, December 17, 2012

Temple Square FHE

Yep it really has been a LONG TIME since I did an FHE post and that's because I'm sad to say its been a while since we actually had a planned FHE.. I need to re commint to Family Home Evenings. There is definitely a difference in our home when we have them and it is something that the kids look forward to every week. Lucky for them Dad was persistent this week. I honestly told Kaj to turn around 3 times: We left home hoping to get downtown by 530 so that the kids weren't out super late and the weather wasn't too cold for them. Well needless to say 530 didn't happen, we stopped to get kids meals for dinner the kids loved that but there good moods were short lived. There was a major accident on the freeway so after sitting in stop and go traffic for 30 min we decided to take state street and well that was a bad idea, lets just say that:)  At 6:15 we were only at 90th south and by then i was SOOOO I was done (and so were the kids). I tried to persuade dad to stop at a play place and let the kids get out and just play instead of going downtown but dad was not having any of it. He LOVES Christmas time and he really wanted to get the family in the Christmas spirit so he pressed on, through and hour of Tallin crying, ryker and briyler bickering, Dugi and Kynlie screaming for a drink (that i of course didn't have:) looking for parking, getting kicked out of a parking garage because the stroller on the top of the car didn't make it through there clearance (yep that happened), and me telling him "we should have just gone to the play land:).... But after we finally found parking and got the kids out of the car every one's attitudes changed almost instantly (which was soo nice, mine included).. There is a feeling that you get when you walk onto Temple grounds that just takes away those negative feelings.. The boys loved that I tied there blankets around there necks (like superhero capes), and Kynlie and Dugi were OVER THE MOON looking at all of the lights. We had a WONDERFUL TIME!! It was soo nice to talk to the kids about the nativity and see how they felt about Christmas, I was surprised at the things that they knew and didn't know.. This will be a tradition that we look forward to every year. Thanks DADDY for making us go:) WE LOVE YOU!!

this IS the most beautiful place on earth

love these kiddos

best friends, and super hero's of course

i cant get enough. its breath taking

5 CRAZY kids! I am one lucky mom.

the kids loved the tree

TUI!!! He grew right out of the premie "thing" :)

the Shepard and his sheep.

dad and his baby girl!

Dad gets the double stroller, trying to get that thing around temple square is pretty tricky:)

my sweet dugi boy

these 2 crazy boys wanted a picture w Joseph Smith:)

love the nativity!

                                         i am blessed beyond words.. Such an amazing bunch

it was soo fun to look at the nativity and see kids reaction.. it was fun to find out the things that they do and don't know, and to see the sheer joy in there eyes as they talked about baby Jesus! It made me soo proud.
this was the window decor for desseret book! the boys LOVED it and were convinced that it was a toy making factory.. They begged us to let them "get a closer look" ... love those boys! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday DADDY!!


                  *happy birthday to the love of my life, 34 has never looked SOO GOOD:)

Yep its that time of year, BIRTHDAY'S:) 1st up is DADDY!! Whats not to love about this man, I MEAN HONESTLY! He is definitely EVERY ONE'S favorite and its not hard to see why. He is a softy at heart, he loves to wrestle and the kids LOVE that, he is funny and genuine, he gives the best hugs and kisses, and my personal favorite he makes SUPER yummy dinners. On top of him being a WONDERFUL father to our children, he is the BEST HUSBAND in the whole world and the BEST "best friend" a girl could ask for. Here are just a few things that I LOVE ABOUT YOU honey:

I love that you are soo mindful of my needs/wants
I love that you are such a great example to our children
I love that you LOVE Duck Dynasty
I love that you are a worthy priesthood holder
I love that you are my best friend
I love that you encourage me to be the best me I can be
I love that you are DROP DEAD SEXY!!
I love that you can make me laugh when I don't even want to smile:)
I love that you listen to me even if your not interested in what I'm saying
I love that you want to be home with me and our kids over anything else
I love how you get even more handsome with every grey hair that comes in
I love that you let me hog all of the blanket when we sleep at night
I love that you watch NCIS with me, even though I know you'd rather be watching something on the history channel.
I love that you love my family
I love the way you look at me with those breath taking green eyes.
I love that you eat my bad cooking and then tell me its good
I love that you drove back to Austin for my wallet and it didn't even upset you
I love that you change diapers
I love that you write me love letters/poems
I love that you share your testimony of the gospel with everyone
I love that you tell us stories from your mission
I love that you are always giving me compliments
I love that you eat the ENTIRE APPLE, core included.
I love that you say when you saw me it was "love at first sight"
I love that you have your own unique way to "swaddle" and it has put every one of our infants to sleep almost instantly
I love that you work sooo hard for our family
I love that you always offer me your jacket when its cold outside
I love that you love Christmas music
I love that you can make/fix almost anything
I love that you took dancing classes with me, even though you REALLY didn't want to
I love that you are my own personal space heater
I love that you take the kids to church even on the days that I'm sick
I love that you still give me butterflies
I love that you kiss my forehead
I love that you chose me to spend eternity with!

This list could go on forever, I really just want you to know that I love you for YOU! Everything about you makes me happy and everyday that we spend together I am reminded of just how lucky I am. I fall more and more in love with you as the years go by and I hope that never changes.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend
All my love:)

Birthday activities this year:
yummy chicken dinner (probably one of the only yummy meals I'v ever made:)
schotcheroo birthday cake with the kids
and a jazz game with mitzi and bart

Love this hunky man

GREAT FRIENDS, ice cream and the jazz what more could you want:)

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have been running around like a crazy women the last couple of weeks. We had an amazing Thanksgiving week! Ryker was with his dad for a few days and Briyler went with Grandma Hall to Wyoming to spend Thanksgiving with some cousins. I was super nervous for Bri he has never been on a trip away from home (I mean he's 3) so I thought he would fall apart after day 2ish but Grandma says he held it together and they all had a great time. I am glad that he enjoyed himself but I am SUPER HAPPY to have him home. He is a wild kid but I'm not ready to let him be a grown up yet:)

Kaj and I headed over to my grandparents house with the 3 little ones and enjoyed a SUPER YUMMY Thanksgiving meal! My aunts and grandparents are seriously the best cooks ever...

Everything after Thanksgiving Day is kind of a big blur for me!! I have been running around like a mad women trying to get things ready for our SEALING THIS WEEKEND!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, ITS HERE!!!! I am soooo excited and a little nervous at the same time. I can hardly stand it, ST GEORGE HERE WE COME!!

                               T-MINUS 2 DAYS!!!

                  until we are sealed for time and all eternity in this beautiful Temple:)

I guess with all the excitement I have been forgetting to do my weekly thankful posts.. I have been keeping up with my list at home just not posting them like I thought i would:) I am going to finish off mine and post dads list today since we are leaving tomorrow;) Enjoy!

Day #19- I am grateful for the holiday season. I love that it seems to soften peoples hearts and bring loved ones together. .

Day #20- I am grateful for laughter and how it can change any mood instantly.

Day #21- I am grateful for the power of forgiveness.. I can go on and on about this topic. I love that my children almost instantaneously forgive me for my mistakes (even though I am not so quick to do the same with them), I love that I have parents who love me unconditionally and forgive no matter what offenses have been made, I love that my husband is always the 1st one to make sure that we dont go to sleep mad at each other. He seriously NEVER holds grudges and I LOVE that about him, and Last but most important I am grateful for the Atonement!! I am grateful for a Loving Father in Heaven and for His Son.. I am grateful that the Savior paid the ultimate price and died for my sins. I am grateful for the gift of repentance and for the knowledge that I know I can and will be forgiven.

Day #23- I am grateful for the gym. It is my time to de-stress and collect my thoughts.. I love listening to church music when I workout, I know it is strange but it totally gets my thoughts wondering and before you know it your 45 min on the treadmill is DONE:)

Day #24- I am grateful for my husbands job and the fact that I get to stay home with our children.

Day #25- I am grateful for MUSIC!! I LOVE listening to genres of music that bring a good feeling into our home. My favorites are of course Church music and right now sounds of the season are totally making me happy!

Day #26- I am grateful for the DISNEY CHANEL:)

Day # 27- I am grateful for story time before bed.. This is a new thing at our house but everyone loves it INCLUDING ME so hopefully it will be around for many years to come!

Day # 28- I am grateful for FAMILY HOME EVENINGS ( even though I've totally been slacking the last couple weeks, ok ok months :-/....)

Day #29- I am grateful for frozen dinners

Day #30- I saved this one for last! I am grateful for the gift of ETERNAL FAMILIES, made possible by temple sealings.!! Yep our big Day is TOMORROW!! I cant believe that it is FINALLY HERE and we are finally going to be sealed for time and all eternity.

Daddy's list

19. For head phones. I can tune out anyone at the gym!
20. For my boys… cuz I remember my whole childhood, every night! DAD, Briyler hit me! Yuuuuup.
21. For strong family connections. Always someone to go to with problems. Whether it’s to whine and moan, get life lessons, or a simple “stop being a moron and your life would be easier”. Tenderness… :) Love brothers…
22. For the knowledge I have of eternal blessings. My wife and kids WILL be with me forever.
23. For Myspace! I found my wife there… true story actually… LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE! XOXO Nikki!
24. For computers. My hands would have cramped 30 minutes ago typing and deleting these ideas.
25. For Christmas! Cuz its only 30 days away now!
26. For the Forgotten Carols, and Michael McClean. I truthfully feel his song helped me get back on path.
27. For my parents. Through my whole life, I couldn’t be me without influence from each of them!
28. For protein powder, cuz eating chicken 24-7 gets old.
29. For the temple. I have an in to go sit and reflect on my life and ponder my direction.
30. That my savior served a mission. Blessed be his name forever.
Thanks honey.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

our thankful lists continued:)

Ok so I am starting off with an OFFICIAL COUNT DOWN UNTIL OUR SEALING!!! EEEK I'm sooo excited!!

T-MINUS 13 DAYS!!! until we will be sealed (for time and all eternity) in this beautiful temple!!!


I don't even know how this week is already over!! I have been SOO busy with planning and getting things ready for the temple that I haven't had much time to do anything else. I honestly prefer things to be a little less hustle and bustle and a little more mellow and jell-o... (ok i don't even know what that means but I was having a hard time finding something other than jello and yellow that rhymed with mellow:) I enjoy the simplicity of my life right now. I know that sounds strange, but since we don't get out much because there are soo many youngins and just me during the day, I am not used to all of the stress and business of planning a major events or outings! (yep this classifies as a major event for me:)  I enjoy just being home and hanging out with these little munchkins, watching movies, and playing trains. I think after this is over I will leave the busy lifestyle behind for just a little while longer:)
Here are a few things I am grateful for this week...

since I left off on Day #14 I am going to start there even though that only leaves me 4 days to write about;)

Day #15-  I am grateful for great friends who are always there to listen to me and to help cheer me up after major breakdowns;)

Day #16- I am grateful for my Sunday school class:) they are a wild bunch (6-7 yr olds) but they are great kids and they have amazing testimonies.

Day #17- I am grateful for my health. Being on bed rest with the last 2 babies and having to have people come in to take care of our family made me sooo grateful for my health!! You never realise just how much of a blessing it really is, until its gone. I am beyond grateful that I can do my own house chores, play with and pick up my children, and get in a few workout classes, all with ease:)

Day #18- I am grateful for Temples. There is no place on earth that has a closer feeling to Heaven. I know that when I go there no matter what mood I start off in or how much is weighing on my mind, I will forget all about it and feel an indescribable amount of love from my Father in Heaven. The temple has a way of easing my mind and filling my heart with love and gratitude:)

Here are Dads gratefuls:

15. For cell phones… cuz honestly, you think I am going to work all day?!?! Scrabble! J
16. For chicken. Sorry that I eat 2 of you a day… but you taste amazing and build muscle.
17. For good insurance! Tallin was $340 THOUSAND DOLLARS! But we only spent $3800.
18. For my amazing smile… how else would my wife have loved me so long?!  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A month to be thanksful!


I cant believe its already NOVEMBER!! Where has this year gone? What a YEAR, I mean seriously from start to almost finish it has been insane every step of the way. Starting the year off with a crazy pregnancy aka: bed rest, neighbors and friends serving our family in every way possible, then going through all of our struggles with Tallin: NICU-RSV-PNEUMONIA , then having Ryker start ALL DAY SCHOOL (my helper is gone), MOVING (to grandmas and then to our new house), and of course our sealing is coming up at the beginning of next month, and those are just the MAJOR events!! That doesn't include potty training, recovering from surgery, flour and cereal spills, Kaj getting settled at his new job, WATER DUMPING EVERYWHERE, and soo much more... It amazes me how much can happen in just one short year... This will be a year that I will never forget, I have had some serious struggles this year. I can remember feeling sorrow and pain to a level that I have never felt it before, I can remember feeling moments of loneliness that literally left me on my knee's pleading with my Father in Heaven, but I can honestly say my testimony has "DOUBLED" over the last year. I have a LOVE for my Savior that I don't think would have come without all of those lonely nights I spent in the NICU and PICU. I have a testimony of service, and how it can change someones life, IT DID MINE! I never would have made it through this year if I didn't have the love and support from my friends/family members/ward members/ and neighbors. They literally carried the weight of my family (with there own family weight) at times and I will never be able to thank them or repay them in a matter that would even come close to what I owe and the beauty in that is they don't expect me to. I know off of the top of my head a list of 5 people that would tell me they were grateful for the opportunity to serve, because that's just who they are! They are amazing inside and out and I know that it would mean more to them for me to "pay it forward" then it would for me to try and monetarily pay them back.

So all of this got me to thinking I should participate in this "grateful game" as I like to call it, that everyone has been playing. It's where you list 1 thing you are grateful for everyday in the month of November. I have a lot of friends that are doing this and I thought it would be fun to write my thoughts on here so that I can go back and share them with the family at a later time:)  I am going to write down what I am grateful for everyday and then update my blog every week with my list:)

Day #1- I am grateful for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and for its teachings.

Day #2- I am grateful for a wonderful Husband, who puts up with my bad cooking and zumba addiction.

Day #3- I am grateful for chocolate
Day #4- I am grateful for the best helper in all the world Ryker. He always does everything I ask him to do no matter how big or small. I can always count on him to play with the kids whenever I need a break. He is the best big brother anyone could ask for.

Day #5- I am grateful for my super Strong 3 yr old, Bri Bri. He is definitely in his terrible 3's but he still loves to snuggle with me and I love having that time with him.

Day #6- I am grateful for my little Dugi boy. He is such a sweet little spirit, he loves babies and WATER, and he is INTO everything.

Day #7- I am grateful for my Kyn Kyn girl!! She is my only girl what can I say:) She is soo much different than the boys, she is quiet and sweet. She smiles all the time and loves to give hugs. She likes to play by herself (the boys are WAY TO ROUGH for her) and she is super sensitive, which I am totally not used to:) And I don't know what I would do without her..

Day #8- I am grateful for my little miracle baby!! TUI*** He is the light of our home right now. He has grown SOO MUCH over the last couple months, you would never know he was a 3lb NICU baby just a couple of months ago. He loves to hear his name and he laughs every time you say it without fail. He is awesome with a schedule, he eats and sleeps exactly when I want him to during the day and that is SOO HELPFUL!! He doesn't love to cuddle as much as he used to but if I'm lucky he will let me rock him to sleep and enjoy those precious moments more than anything.

Day #9- I am grateful for Roman noodles and cheese sandwich dinners.

Day #10- I am grateful for the men and women that serve our country.

Day #11- I am grateful for Sunday FAMILY dinners !

Day #12- I am grateful for Wednesday nights and our new favorite show Duck Dynesty!! Never laughed soo hard in my life..

Day #13- I am grateful for the amazing examples I have had in my life.. my parents, my bishop growing up (Bishop Hargrave) touched my life more than he will ever know, my young women leaders, my last bishop who did everything he could to help us get our papers in to be sealed, my WONDERFUL visiting teachers ( Sis Jones, Sis Martinez: she is soo much more than a visiting teacher to our family & Sis Jensen), and AMAZING relief society presidents CHERYL SMITH!! They have influenced me and changed my life for the better!!

Day #14- I am grateful for TIME OUT FOR WOMEN! I am still on a spiritual high from this years event and I cant WAIT to get the DVD!!

When Dad heard about the game he wanted to play too, so here is Dad's list that I copied and pasted from the email he sent me:)

I am grateful for several things…
1. That my cell phone has a flashlight! Tripping at 3 am for baby feedings is horrible!
2. That my daughter smiles every time she sees me!
3. That my father taught me the value of hard work…
4. That I am employed and can provide for the family
5. That I have a family
6. For sidewalks! Serious, cause in the mission you walk in muddy streets!
7. That my office changed the dress code to shorts and flip-flops! I tripled my wardrobe!
8. For Rockstar energy drinks! Cuz seriously… after 11 pm, 3 am, and 6 am wake up calls/feedings… enuf said!
9. That I live so close to my in-laws… they truthfully help with so much!
10. For being “large in stature”. Honestly couldn’t have moved without it!
11. For the gym! I need the out and glad I am addicted! It’s like my heaven… away from home, and church!
12. For my loving wife, who urged me to think about this… its making me understand all my lifelong blessings.
13. For scars. They all have a meaning and remind me of lessons of life… but wow they hurt at the time!
14. For the gospel, to give direction, focus and direction in my life.

I seriously love this MAN!!

I  am going to have Ryker and Briyler list something that they are grateful for every week,  (start off small, right:)

Ryker is grateful for: Snow boots, we had a huge storm last night/today so that's a good thing to be thankful for.

Briyler is grateful for: Hot dogs, yep that's it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

halloween 2012

So today is Halloween but before we could get to the fun we had to do the NOT so fun... This morning I had to have a root canal!!! :( I have had the WORST pain in my mouth for the last few days.. I decided it was time to see the dr and he said I needed a root canal STAT!!) So we set it up for this morning and I'm not gonna lie IT WAS PAINFUL!!! Even after 5 different shots to numb the area I still felt it when he was drilling and I cried my eyes out, I felt like such a wimp but it hurt that bad:) Needless to say I AM GLAD THATS OVER!.... After I got done at the dentist we checked Ryker out of school so we could go trick or treating at Dad's office, the boys LOVEd that they got to see where Daddy works. The office actually had a few crafts set up this year and the boys sat down a few times to attempt to make the projects, (much to my surprise because they arent the crafting type for the most part). After we finished at dads office we headed over to the mall to let the older boys get in as much trick or treating as possible before they headed out for a "GUYS NIGHT" to the jazz game. The mall was a total BUST! There were a ton of people there and EVERY STORE passed out tootsie rolls, good thing the kids didnt care what kind of candy they were getting. :O)

Tui, Pipa, and Dugi had been a little sick all morning but by the time it came around to go do everything they were full blown TOTALLY SICK, with CROUP!!! ( I HATE croup, just in case your wondering!!) Kynlie was feeling the worst, she had a crazy high fever and could hardly move because she was so drained and tired. Since I was holding at least one sick baby all night I got absolutely ZERO pictures of the kids.. My mom went out with us and she did attempt to take one picture of us while we were at the mall and this is how it turned out.....

the only picture that we had of everyone was blurry:( looks like this is as good as it gets!
The 3 babies hanging out while we trick or treat at the mall.

Yep not so pretty:) After all was said and done mom and I took the sick kids home with us and Dad and the boys headed to the game. They deserved it with all the moving and everything that has had to be done it was about time that THEY got to have some fun;) I pestered dad all night long and he finally took a picture of him and the boys:) Thanks honey!!

 YEP those are MY BOYS... love them

the boys super excited for the game!


Dad and Bri hangin out

Dad and Ryker eatin candy:)

Monday, October 29, 2012

spiritual cup part2 (and a move)

continued.... :)

Chris WIlliams- watch his story or read it online, it is AMAZING!!! His wife and 2 out of his 4 children were killed in a car accident when they was hit by a 17 yr old drunk driver. In the instant that he realised his wife and 2 of his children were GONE, he heard the Lord tell him DISTINCTLY  to "LET IT GO".. A beautiful story about FREELY FORGIVING!!! The message that Chris gave was that the Lord needed to "SAVE" one of his children (the 17 yr old drunk driver, who was a young man that is a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and how can you be mad at the Lord for letting this situation be the one that changed this young mans life! Have Faith in the Lord and his Divine plan!

*Tragedy helps us Love

*Pray for strength to carry our burdens, to have faith in Jesus Christ, and to LET IT GO:)

*What burden could I lay at the feet of the Lord?


-We poor out our miseries, but God just hears a melody, its better than a hallelujah sometimes

-Has anybody told you you BEAUTIFUL, you might agree if you could see what I see- said GOD!

-What if the trials of this life are your mercies in disguise?

KATE & SARAH- Mormon Mommy Bloggers. :) **Look into my eyes and listen to my words** They had a great message about mothering and not trying to be perfect! Family and Life is Messy and that's OK.. This talk is clearly not for me (since probably all of you know that my house is the dirtiest house on the block, my kids never have on clean clothes, and I take a shower maybe twice a week;O)....
The bigger more meaningful message for me was that we need to make time for the Little (but most important) things in life.
-read your children bedtime stories
-scripture study
-family home evenings
-eating together
-TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN, don't drown them out with music or other distractions in life
-laugh with them
-let them know how much you LOVE THEM
-play with them
-hug and kiss them everyday
-teach them that they have a define heritage, they are a CHILD OF GOD and He has a plan for them.

Mothering is not only reserved for women that have children, it can be done by anyone..
     ---Motherhood is loving, caring for, and nurturing anyone in need.

BRAD WILCOX-  Micheal Angelo sculpted a beautiful statue of Mary holding Jesus. When this statue was put out for display no one believed that a young sculptor only 23, could produce something of "this" magnitude. His work was very impressive and he was upset at the thought that no one believed it was his work, and with good reason. Micheal was VERY proud of this sculpture, soo proud that when he got home that night he decided to sign that sculpture.. He wrote his name on the robe of Mary, right across her chest where EVERYONE COULD SEE!

Now close your eyes and imagine the Savior signing YOU.. He is the sculptor of me, man is one of his greatest works (I am one of his greatest works)... We are his work and his glory! How is that for a sense of self worth! :)

Jesus- is known by a lot of names one being the KING OF KINGS- we are all kings/ queens that come from the highest king!

JOHN BETHEWEY- Talked about surrounding our self with GREATNESS!! You are the average of the 5 people you hang around the most. "Regardless of your original intention you'll eventually become what you surround yourself with". .... emphasis on: Regardless of your intentions..... in this day in age I need to be overly mindful of the things I am letting influence my children and my family. Bad things can happen even if you have the best of intentions.

-the way we spend our days eventually becomes the way we spend our lives

-surround yourself with GREATNESS!, music, TV shows, friends..


-wind up your spiritual clock as OFTEN AS YOU CAN!

-"I delight in a glad heart and a cheerful counitnance"

**"fill your mind with thoughts of Christ, fill your hearts with a love of Christ, and fill your life with service to Christ."

-A father doesn't give up on his children, endure to the END.... Love the spirit that I felt during this talk. Be the Greatness, that is my goal.. (that is probably every ones goal, who doesn't want to be GREAT:)

EMILY FREEMAN- I didn't get to stay until the very end, because I had to go pick up the kids:( I missed a few of Emily's bullet points but hopefully I can buy the CD from the event and maybe Kaj and I can make a date night out of watching it:)

1. The Lord knows where you are in your journey. "the Lord they God knoweth... He walketh with thee...." Deuteronomy 4, 2:7

2. Trust his word! The Lord hears and answers prayers. Expect an answer, listen for an answer.
*When was the last time you had an answer to a prayer?
If it wasn't in the last 3 day's then your not doing it right.
*When was the last time you found an answer in the scriptures?
If it wasn't within the last week than your not doing it right. 

3. Trust in his timing.. Jeremiah 29... Pray for peace, pray for contentment. There is HOPE in the end. Trust God enough to trust in his timing

4. Trust his example- Matthew 9.... "When he saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion" He gave us the example of ministering, healing and compassion. " Pray ye that he would send for labors" 1nephi 4... "Nevertheless continue to minister" 3nephi 18..... Go where the Savior directs.

There should have been a number 5 and then I'm sure she ended with a summary but I missed it.. and I missed the awesome Mercy River and there closing number but I am MORE than thankful for the opportunity that I had to hear all of the speakers that I did this weekend. There example and stories of HOPE have strengthened my testimony and left me feeling like I have knew knowledge that will help me be able to "go about my Fathers business" with better understanding. :) It is soo easy these days to get distracted and loose sight of where we are going and what should take priority in our lives, and I am soo grateful that I have a place that I can go to get "back on track", a place that will teach me and help motivate me to be better than I think I can be.. 

Umm hello cute tote bag:)

Moving update:)--- With the help of grandma, papa Hall and Ryan, Kaj was able to get a few loads taken care of. There is still SOOO MUCH to get done but we have tomorrow from sun up to sun down.... Get it babe! :O)

working well into the night:(

Briyler "helping"
and just so you know how good of a mom I am here is Briyler wearing Dugi's shorts (because he wont wear anything but Dugi's clothes), no socks or SHOES and staying up WAY PAST HIS BED TIME!

he must be 3! :)

Filling my spiritual cup:)


Ok so if you know me personally then you know just how EXCITED I was for this weekend!! Not only was this the weekend we move out of my parents house but it is also the weekend that I got to go to the TIME OUT FOR WOMEN convention!!! OHHH MY GOSH, if you have never been to this event you SERIOUSLY need to commit yourself right HERE right NOW to go next year.. There isn't any other place in the world that I can think of where you feel the spirit quite like you do at this event. There is something about a LARGE group of ONLY WOMEN (over 10,000) all trying to be strengthened and uplifted.

This years theme was "SEEK THE GOOD". I'm not going to lie I hadn't put much thought into that statement until the actual event. I didn't really understand the depth of the statement to be honest, I thought I was doing just fine in "seeking the good" but I was obviously wrong:) I am going to write down the highlights of each one of the talks given during the convention. --These are just the highlights for me, so someone else might have a totally different take on the talks and what messages was trying to be relayed.

VIRGINIA PIERCE-  The definition of Seek means: to go in search of, look for, or try to discover by searching or questioning.....

I thought I understood that pretty well. I knew that if I wanted to find good in the world I couldn't just ideally sit back and wait for it to come to me I have to GO OUT IN SEARCH OF IT! I needed to find the good in my everyday life, in my kids, my husband, my church calling, even in my trials. In every aspect of my life I needed to SEEK IT.. And for me it wasn't hard to find, I felt like I was doing pretty good at the whole seeking the good thing, and then sister Virginia Pierce told us that Seeking is only part of our quest. (I was in OWE, part 1? You mean theres MORE!!) Once we go in search of the good we need to make sure we are ready and willing to RECEIVE THE GOOD!!  Who would have thought that receiving would be something that you have to actually DO!

Receiving the good is sometimes harder than seeking the good. Once we have sought after the good we need to then change our habits to reflect that of which we found to be good. Then after we have changed whatever it is that we might have needed to change we are in a position to receive the revelation that comes along with what we have been seeking. Are you confused yet:) There is more to seeking the good than just acknowledging the good around us we need to be PRO ACTIVE. We need to be quick to forgive and slow to be offended,we need to be the kind of person that exemplifies the Savior, we need to loose our self in service to those around us and once we do this Heavenly Father will be able to use us as a vessel for his work and help us to be more than we ever thought we were capable of being. I absolutely LOVE sister Pierce she seems to have a way of saying things that totally make sense to me. Honestly we could have ended on that note and I would have felt ready to go out and take on the world, but lucky for me there were MORE LESSONS to be learned and more stories shared that deaply touched my heart:)

SHERI DEW -gave a good message about studying our heritage. Would our fore fathers be proud of the work we are doing and the person we are becoming. Know your mortal and Divine heritage! I absolutely LOVE this next thought:
*The pedigree of our spirit can be written on a single line - YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD!!!
How amazing is that statement! I know exactly where I came from, where I'm going and WHO I AM!!! The Lord saved choice spirits for the last days and WE are his chosen !! Live up to the promises you made before you came to this earth, remember who you are and where you are going and don't be shaken by the world!

*pure womenhood + priesthood = exaltation


*Stand tall and do not faulter in the building up of Zion.

*Much of the growth of the church in the last day's will be because of the good women of the church

*The Lord wouldn't have taken a chance in the last days by sending men/women he couldn't count on.. ---    Make sure the Lord can COUNT ON ME!!

What a way to start out my weekend. The messages were powerful and I left wanting MORE!!! I could hardly wait for the morning to come............

On a side note, my mom was out of town and I couldnt find anyone to go on this AMAZING adventure with me (they dont know what they are missing) but I wasnt afraid to go meet new friends, and I did just that:)... We should have gotten a picture together but the group that "took me in" had a MILLION women in there group and we were hardly ever all together at the same time:)

Ps- Super Dad held down the fort while I was gone and even got 1 HUGE load packed onto the trailer so HE could start the actual moving process in the morning:) ... (yep HE alone because I will be gone... Did I mention I have the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FHE: halloween style

Ok so this week was another fun family get away for FHE.. We really need to start up with our lessons again!! :O) Grandma and Papa Hall invited us to a Halloween work party. They had pizza and bread sticks for dinner, Carmel apples with candy bites for dessert and TONS of fun games for the kids to play!! Briyler and Ryker were both ECSTATIC to put on their spiderman costumes, and even Dugi was jumping around because he got to wear his dinosaur pants.. (these costumes are getting great use this year).. Grandma Trish and I went together since the party started at 4 and then Dad and Papa met us there after they got off work. Briyler was a little out of his element tonight. I don't know if it was all the games or if he was just really excited but he was PRETTY NAUGHTY!!! (I guess that's the 3 year old phase, right) He really wanted to run around and wrestle.. I don't really mind the wrestling its just that in public its not very good manners, and it is something that can get out of control way to fast..

Other than the over excited behavior they kids had a good time.. I got some really funny pictures of Ryker and Dugi trying to eat donuts off of a dangling string and Ryker trying to push a small pumpkin across the room with his nose.. .SOO FUNNY!!!


Ryker shooting his "spider web" at me:)

Brothers :)

Briyler can be such a stinker

Dugi trying to eat the donut.. SOO FUNNY.. Bri wouldn't even try

Kynlie played for bri, she knew just what she wanted.. She pulled his donut right off the string:)

Ryker playing, start from the bottom... GOOD JOB DUDE

Get IT!!!

Bri stealing back the donut that was supposed to be his, luckily Kynlie didn't care.

Your lucky you have a nice sister Mr!

LOVE HIS FACE!!!!!! Haha!!

Dugi, theres to much going on to look at you mom

Ryker pushing the pumpkin with his nose!! it was tricky and he was the smallest one in his group

This might look like chaos to alot of parents but it makes me happy that they are all smiling and having fun together.. even if it is rough boy fun!