Friday, August 31, 2012


BYU football has always been important to my family (when I say "family" I mean specifically my dad) and ever since Kaj was introduced to the crazy world of "fanatic fans" (aka my dad and brothers) he's kind of fallen into that roll himself. :) Game days consist of us going to the stadium usually 4 hours early, my dad likes to beat the traffic and he really likes to get there in time to greet the opposing team. Its a really fun tradition. After we great the players we usually go in to the cougar den and then head up to our seats to watch the guys warm up. Its a long day but its really fun and its something Kaj and I look forward to every year. My mom usually watches the kids, which is SOOO NICE. However this week she is at jordanelle and next week she will be in California so we have had to find sitters until my awesome sister gets home and then she watches them for the night.. Last night Lexi said things went pretty well, there were only 3 bloody noses.. I'd say that's a success:O)

The first game is always super exciting, we are sitting in the same seats this year but the people around us are really fun.. They have kids but we don't mind that a bit. There were a few drink accidents and a couple kicks in the back but we know how that goes:) They are a little bit younger so they don't mind us screaming and standing up for most of the game.. WE LOVE THAT !

The new screen!! Its SOOO AWESOME, but those clouds on the other hand we not soo awesome.

Look at those 3 handsome men..:) Last nights game was a white out! pretty cool!

go COUGS!!! 

DATE NIGHT!! ( with dad and Trevor) for the next couple months

Daddy's HOME!!!!

This week has been a CRAZY ONE!!! Moving, daddy out of town for work, trying to get the kids in a routine at grandma's house and don't forget trying to deal with the aunts and uncles that are still living at home that aren't used to having the kids around 24/7... It has been interesting to say the least. :O) The sleeping arrangement goes a little something like this: Mom, Dad and Tui in Coby's old room, Ryker and Briyler in the theater room in the basement, Dugi in grandma's sewing room, and Kynlie in grandpa's office- until grandpa gets home and then she moves in between the office and their bedroom for when grandpa has to work.. IT'S CRAZY!!!  The kids however are completely oblivious to all of that, they are just LOVING "living at grandma's house EVERYDAY".. (I think grandma is starting to realise exactly what she's in for, AND NO TAKE BACKS MOM!! We are here for 2 WHOLE months:).... I am SOOO GRATEFUL for such a wonderful family, things would be A LOT HARDER if we were having to stay anywhere else..

We spent the majority of last week packing and trying to move things out in loads but to be honest when Saturday came and everyone came to help us move it felt like we hadn't done a single thing.. It took Kaj and my uncles the majority of the morning to move all of the big stuff and then Kaj worked late into the night with his Mom and Danny trying to get all of the little things done. Since I had just had my wrist drained and taken care of it was SUPER painful for me to lift anything so I stayed at my moms and tried to organise and take care of the kids. When Kaj went out of town on Monday I thought things were pretty much in order but when he got home we discovered that there was more left than what we thought. We had the BYU kick off game Thurs night so we didn't get anything done yesterday so that means we are spending today (Friday) finishing up completely. We are hoping to finish at a reasonable time since we are supposed to be heading going camping with the family at jordanelle (I will DIE IF I MISS SWISS DAYS, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE there Carmel apples:)

Briyler was soo scared of the waking escalator but he LOVED IT!

Running around the airport waiting for dad

the boys kept saying "Mom, Daddy's NEVER gonna get here!!!!" They stood at the bottom of the escalator for a good 20 min.

Briyler and Dugi playin in the airport

Kynlie girl yelling for  "DADDY"

picture with our signs -Take 1

Take 2

Take 3 we will skip take 4 and 5 :)


DADDY!! I missed the picture of them all hugging him at once.. I was too slow:(

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Things Utah....... Take 2

So I am sooo not a model but the last 2 weeks things have kind of fallen in place and I'v been lucky enough to be on 2 different local morning shows (the Daily Dish, and this morning I was on Good Things Utah)... Last tues I modeled "mommy wear", I had a green blouse, purple skinnies and the MOST BEAUTIFUL purple statement necklace..

 (if your are interested in getting the necklace here is the link:)

Then today I offered to help the AMAZING JEN CLYDE do her styling segment.. She did all things "Polka Dot".. I am in LOVE with polka dots right now so this segment was sooo fun for me! Jen has such a unique sense of style, and its just AHH-MAZING!!!

These are all of the models for today, Jen is next to me in the Polka Dot pants.

SUPER CUTE Polka Dot scarf!!

And an adorable polka dot belt!! I wanted it soo bad.

Super fun GIRLS!!

You cant NOT take a picture with the ABC4 wall!!! :O)

Since Kaj is out of town right now at his Vegas convention I had to find a sitter for the kids this morning. Thank you Tracy Grist!!! So I thought it would be a nice treat to pick up lunch after the show. I stopped off at the sushi place at the bottom of the MT ( i think its called Blue moon) they are pretty good and I love that its not too crowded!!! I had a veggie roll, and then to ruin the healthy meal I had a tempura shrimp roll with spicy mayo, MY FAVORITE!!!! I am sooo grateful to have such wonderful friends and family!!! I don't know what I would do without there help, my kids are WONDERFUL and I love each and every one of them MORE than words can say, but it is nice to get a little ME time every now and again... (and I know I get a lot more of that then most moms in my situation).... SOOO BLESSED!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to school FHE!!

This week has clearly been a little on the crazy side but I didn't want to let that stop us from having our back to school party, even if I am a week late:) Kaj and I usually try to figure out a few options for a family theme and then we pray about it and try to find which one will work best for our family for that year.. :) This year we decided on "Their is Joy in the Journey", kind of funny that we came up with the theme a couple days before all of the drama started.... :O) Just shows me that Heavenly Father knows our struggles and it makes me feel like we are somewhat in tune with his plan for us.....

I printed out a few sayings online to put up in the house, just to remind us to be Joyful. My favorite is "there is a giggle in every minute, if you find the joy within it" Ryker loved this saying because it rhymed and he loves that right now... I couldn't find a cute printable for it so I made my own, BET YOU CANT TELL ITS THE FIRST PRINTABLE I'V EVER MADE.... haha I know its awful but you can read the saying and that's more than what I thought I was capable of so I'm happy with it:) I am on the hunt for a big framed sign that says "Joy in the Journey" so if you have seen one or know where I can get one, or if you are super crafty and you want to make me one I'd LOVE YOU forever:) I think this is the perfect Motto for our family right now. Things can tend to get a little out of hand with 5 kids all so young, and for me especially.. I tend to have a not so "joyful" attitude while doing my daily tasks... I always tell Ryker that attitude is everything so I am going start being a better example of that.

someone that is very skilled at making printables

and then there was me:) and yep I had to color in the lettering with a marker!

oh and then there is my ohh so sorry version of a banner:) gotta love it!!

Ok so here is the kind of funny situation.. In my mind I had this huge SUPER AMAZING party plan, for our back to school bash!! Kind of like the one featured here (this super fun mom is in my ward and I sooo wish I had it together like she does)... Ya know beautiful homemade cake with a mini banner, cute glasses with fun paper straws, eating fancy food off of the best dishes we have, a HUGE back to school banner with the perfect well behaved children to show it off:)  But instead ours turned out something like this: Dirty half packed kitchen in the background, eating Little Ceasers Pizza on the floor, a TOTALLY FAILED homemade cake replaces with a store bought cars cake :) :) you get the picture, not as glamorous as I was hoping but still very fun and I love that the kids were soo excited by the theme and the cute sayings that I had printed... :) That is the most important part of the whole celebration!

This mess created THIS.......

My attempt at a rainbow cake, not the colors of the rainbow at all... And just so you know these had already baked.. they didn't rise at all!!! Major FAIL!

I asked Dad to get a pretty bright fun colored cake to replace my not so fun rainbow cake, and dad came home with this!! Yep its a cars cake :)  the boys loved it so ohh well

Eating pizza on the floor, while dad is doing this.........

cleaning off all of the boxes I put on the kitchen table after packing:)

We did manage to have some fun together though.. We talked about our theme and the sayings that I had printed for a long time.. I was really surprised that the kids were soo interested in our Motto, its soo fun to do these kind of things as they are getting older.. They ask questions and are old enough to listen and participate and it feels so much more rewarding for me.:)

I made suitcase's that we can "have with us" on our journey to find joy.

Dugi didn't know what to think about his not yet painted cars "suitcase"

In them I put a few things that would help  us to find joy. In the bottom is a Book Of Mormon because studying the scriptures will most definitely bring joy, another church book something you can read when your feeling anything other than happy, silly string to remind us to have fun as a family, bubbles to remind us to keep our attitude bubbly and Joyful, and  of course some M&M's because I made the "suitcases" and chocolate brings me lots of Joy...  

Dad didn't realise what he started when he sprayed the 1st can of Silly String IN THE HOUSE!!!! Mom, Ryker, and Briyler against DAD= Dad LOOSES:)

What is this stuff and why are mom and dad letting us do this in the house.

Its cake time.. Dugi kept singing happy birthday over and over and over:)

Kynlie got over her fear of cakes I guess... she was the first to finish her piece!!

Even though the party didn't as well as I had envisioned it, I wouldn't have changed it for the world!! :O)  

Here is Ryker on his 3rd day of school, because that's how long it took me to get it together and snap a picture before we had to leave:O) I'm soo excited for you buddy, you are going to LOVE first grade and I know you'll do GREAT!!!

Ryker Darren Jensen, 1st grade Aug 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

One busy weekend!!!

This weekend was pretty busy, but really fun.. Saturday afternoon I had a paparazzi jewelry, and pedi party. It was sooo fun to have all of the girls come to hang out. I feel like I hardly ever get to spend time with just girls so it was really nice to be able to sit and talk about girly things, eat yummy snacks and enjoy AWESOME pedi's all at the same time. ( I got FOOTBALL SEASON TOES, woop woop!! GO COUGS!!... Kynlie was a WIGGLE WORM so I let poor Jen stop at the base coat for her)
Mommy and Daughter day:)

PEDI'S!!!! I hope there are A LOT more of these in our future..

The fun socialising and awesome pedi's made the clean up after the party TOTALLY WORTH THE WORK:O)

Summer is coming to an end and I am SOOOO SAD!!! Ryker is still the only one in school and this year he starts 1st grade, so its his first year of all day school.. He is beyond excited and he cant wait to be able to "eat lunch" at school. :O) I on the other hand am going to miss having his help around the house. He is soo good at playing with the younger kids and the can be a great helper when he wants to be. I try not to think about all of the responsibilities that come along with the school year: Taking him to and from the bus stop EVERYDAY, packing a lunch, doing homework and projects, keeping a tight schedule for all of the kids, and of course taking care of the 4 younger ones all by myself all day long... :O)

Soo I guess all that is left to do is just ENJOY the last week of summer!!! This week I have a lot of plans for the little ones so I hope they can keep up:) Splash pad, pool, 2$ Tuesday at Thanksgiving point, picnic, park, maybe a friend BBQ, and our 2nd annual back to school party (FHE) :O) Now that I'm listing all of the things I want to do, I hope I CAN keep up! Lets see how many of these events ACTUALLY happen...

Here are a few things that made me smile this week:O)

Kaj made the presidents club at work so he got a gift card to nordstroms, and THIS IS WHAT HE GOT:) Thanks BABE!!!!!!

How can you NOT LOVE this face!!

He is soo smiley lately, and he loves it when dad plays with him.

Dugi playing at the park

Ryker running around entertaining Dugi

Briyler telling Aunt Lexi and Uncle Chad where to stand....... BECAUSE

Wait for it, WAIT FOR IT~~~~ YEP its finally here AUNT LEXI IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!  We have been secretly shopping for dresses and venues, and invitations and cakes.. Lexi and Chad decided on Oct so they have been trying to get the invitations out but its a long process, so before our girls day Saturday we ran over to moms and took a few pictures so they could post a save the date event online!!! CONGRATS LEXI and CHAD we LOVE YOU GUY'S!!!!

Here are a few candid shots

Briyler made all of us laugh

I LOVE Lexi and Chad laughing Briyler, and I love Briylers choice in attire for the event!

Chad was not having this idea. haha, I think it turned out kind of funny!

HERE is the photo they went with:)

Lookin GOOD, Lookin GOOD!!!