Monday, December 17, 2012

Temple Square FHE

Yep it really has been a LONG TIME since I did an FHE post and that's because I'm sad to say its been a while since we actually had a planned FHE.. I need to re commint to Family Home Evenings. There is definitely a difference in our home when we have them and it is something that the kids look forward to every week. Lucky for them Dad was persistent this week. I honestly told Kaj to turn around 3 times: We left home hoping to get downtown by 530 so that the kids weren't out super late and the weather wasn't too cold for them. Well needless to say 530 didn't happen, we stopped to get kids meals for dinner the kids loved that but there good moods were short lived. There was a major accident on the freeway so after sitting in stop and go traffic for 30 min we decided to take state street and well that was a bad idea, lets just say that:)  At 6:15 we were only at 90th south and by then i was SOOOO I was done (and so were the kids). I tried to persuade dad to stop at a play place and let the kids get out and just play instead of going downtown but dad was not having any of it. He LOVES Christmas time and he really wanted to get the family in the Christmas spirit so he pressed on, through and hour of Tallin crying, ryker and briyler bickering, Dugi and Kynlie screaming for a drink (that i of course didn't have:) looking for parking, getting kicked out of a parking garage because the stroller on the top of the car didn't make it through there clearance (yep that happened), and me telling him "we should have just gone to the play land:).... But after we finally found parking and got the kids out of the car every one's attitudes changed almost instantly (which was soo nice, mine included).. There is a feeling that you get when you walk onto Temple grounds that just takes away those negative feelings.. The boys loved that I tied there blankets around there necks (like superhero capes), and Kynlie and Dugi were OVER THE MOON looking at all of the lights. We had a WONDERFUL TIME!! It was soo nice to talk to the kids about the nativity and see how they felt about Christmas, I was surprised at the things that they knew and didn't know.. This will be a tradition that we look forward to every year. Thanks DADDY for making us go:) WE LOVE YOU!!

this IS the most beautiful place on earth

love these kiddos

best friends, and super hero's of course

i cant get enough. its breath taking

5 CRAZY kids! I am one lucky mom.

the kids loved the tree

TUI!!! He grew right out of the premie "thing" :)

the Shepard and his sheep.

dad and his baby girl!

Dad gets the double stroller, trying to get that thing around temple square is pretty tricky:)

my sweet dugi boy

these 2 crazy boys wanted a picture w Joseph Smith:)

love the nativity!

                                         i am blessed beyond words.. Such an amazing bunch

it was soo fun to look at the nativity and see kids reaction.. it was fun to find out the things that they do and don't know, and to see the sheer joy in there eyes as they talked about baby Jesus! It made me soo proud.
this was the window decor for desseret book! the boys LOVED it and were convinced that it was a toy making factory.. They begged us to let them "get a closer look" ... love those boys! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday DADDY!!


                  *happy birthday to the love of my life, 34 has never looked SOO GOOD:)

Yep its that time of year, BIRTHDAY'S:) 1st up is DADDY!! Whats not to love about this man, I MEAN HONESTLY! He is definitely EVERY ONE'S favorite and its not hard to see why. He is a softy at heart, he loves to wrestle and the kids LOVE that, he is funny and genuine, he gives the best hugs and kisses, and my personal favorite he makes SUPER yummy dinners. On top of him being a WONDERFUL father to our children, he is the BEST HUSBAND in the whole world and the BEST "best friend" a girl could ask for. Here are just a few things that I LOVE ABOUT YOU honey:

I love that you are soo mindful of my needs/wants
I love that you are such a great example to our children
I love that you LOVE Duck Dynasty
I love that you are a worthy priesthood holder
I love that you are my best friend
I love that you encourage me to be the best me I can be
I love that you are DROP DEAD SEXY!!
I love that you can make me laugh when I don't even want to smile:)
I love that you listen to me even if your not interested in what I'm saying
I love that you want to be home with me and our kids over anything else
I love how you get even more handsome with every grey hair that comes in
I love that you let me hog all of the blanket when we sleep at night
I love that you watch NCIS with me, even though I know you'd rather be watching something on the history channel.
I love that you love my family
I love the way you look at me with those breath taking green eyes.
I love that you eat my bad cooking and then tell me its good
I love that you drove back to Austin for my wallet and it didn't even upset you
I love that you change diapers
I love that you write me love letters/poems
I love that you share your testimony of the gospel with everyone
I love that you tell us stories from your mission
I love that you are always giving me compliments
I love that you eat the ENTIRE APPLE, core included.
I love that you say when you saw me it was "love at first sight"
I love that you have your own unique way to "swaddle" and it has put every one of our infants to sleep almost instantly
I love that you work sooo hard for our family
I love that you always offer me your jacket when its cold outside
I love that you love Christmas music
I love that you can make/fix almost anything
I love that you took dancing classes with me, even though you REALLY didn't want to
I love that you are my own personal space heater
I love that you take the kids to church even on the days that I'm sick
I love that you still give me butterflies
I love that you kiss my forehead
I love that you chose me to spend eternity with!

This list could go on forever, I really just want you to know that I love you for YOU! Everything about you makes me happy and everyday that we spend together I am reminded of just how lucky I am. I fall more and more in love with you as the years go by and I hope that never changes.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend
All my love:)

Birthday activities this year:
yummy chicken dinner (probably one of the only yummy meals I'v ever made:)
schotcheroo birthday cake with the kids
and a jazz game with mitzi and bart

Love this hunky man

GREAT FRIENDS, ice cream and the jazz what more could you want:)