Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday FUN!!

I was supposed to have a hair appointment Saturday afternoon but I'm actually really glad that it got rescheduled! Chad and Lexi had to work long hours on Saturday and Bailey came for the weekend so we decided to take ALL the kids to the zoo! This is only the 2nd or 3rd time most of my kids have EVER been to the zoo, so it is still REALLY exciting for them. They LOVE to see all the animals and to just be outside hanging out. The zoo is under construction so there was no train ride and no park, which was a bummer but since the kids didn't really remember those things they didn't miss them.:) It was soo nice to have grandma, grandpa and Bailey with us. There were a few times that we almost lost a child or two so it was nice to have the help and the extra eyes:)

Briyler and his "funny face"


Grandma brought rice crispy treats!! YUMM!!

Best little buddies

Ryker didnt have the best spot, and Bri was hanging on to Bailey for dear life:)

Yep trying to get a good pic of everyone hardly EVER happens:) there were a few families that stopped to stare at the show Briyler was putting on. Thanks BRI:O)

we got to see the Eagle eating dinner (YUCK!)

"BIG GUY" the seal!! he was huge
All Ryker wanted to see was the bears, here he is next to the polar bear statue

Dugi and Pipa just enjoying the ride

Ryker posing in one of the caves

Briyler trying to re create Rykers pose, haha, good try Bri!


Daddy and Kyn

Pipa girl!

Dugi got to get out of the stroller, woop woop!
Bailey getting eatin by the bear

Bri during one of his happy moments! love this

another fail at a group photo

hanging out with the tigers

Dad and his super powers!


Kynlie playing in the water! :O) the kids love that globe!

After we got done at the zoo we picked up a bite at McDonald's (seriously the grossest food ever!!) and then headed home to put the kids to NAP!! :O) They were exhausted (and so were we), but the fun just kept on coming. Grandma and I ran to Joanns where they were having a SWEET SALE, so I picked up some fabric for a skirt for kynlie (I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE FINISHED PRODUCT) and we got a few other things for lexi's wedding. By the time grandma and I got home the kids had already eatin dinner and were ready to play so I decided to use "our new" fire pit (courtesy of our good friends the Bridget and Chase) to make SMORES!! I LOVE SMORES so I am soo stoked about this fire pit!! The kids had a great time and it was the perfect end to our fun day together!

Ryker roasting his first (of MANY ) marshmallows

Briyler was stunned we could make a fire in the front yard

the kids were loving the smores

Kynlie girl hanging out with the group

she is never to far away from the "PUP" she loves misty!

Dugi would roast the marshmallows but wouldn't eat them.. I couldn't let them go to waste so I had a few more than I should have:)

and Dugi is never to far from his grandma;)

Kynlie LOVES marshmallows..

Ryker making his silly face!

Briyler LOVES his grandma

the party is always FUNNER when grandma's around! :O)

Game Day vs Hawaii!!

Before the game I made Kaj go *try to make the football in the hole game* at the down east tent, he made the 1st ball and they were giving away free shirts but since I already had one (from the last home game) they offered me a gift card.. (usually the gift cards are between $1.00 and $8.00) but this week when I opened my gift card it was 50.00 (FIFTY DOLLARS) WOOP WOOP, I love when that happens:) After we finished at the down east booth we went back out on the street so Kaj and Trevor could play football, as we were heading into the stadium some young girls stopped us and asked if we wanted to enter to be "the face" of BYU football fans (or at least that's what I think she said.) so they took all of our individual pictures and then took a group picture of us.. Its always a good time with our group.. This is the only picture that I have from the game (i forgot my camera, darn it).. It was the group picture that one of the girls took for us.. :) always a good time!

Friday night was a GREAT GAME for the cougars! Hawaii isn't known to be super good so I feel like that was just the game we needed after all of our quarterback problems. Taysom Hill started the game but since it was a blowout Larke was also able to play. It was fun to see our offense having a positive game and putting up big numbers on the score board. Final score of the Hawaii game was 47 vs 0!!!! WOOP WOOP!!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keeing our Families on the ROAD to Him.... Super fun FHE!!!

Last week was the first week we've missed an FHE *since I started our goal at the new year:( :( These last couple weeks have been really hard, as I've mentioned in some of my older posts, so I think I'm just gonna let last week slide and not feel to bad:)... (in my defense I worked on an FHE activity all week long and I meant to do it Friday night but forgot that Rick said he would be here for ryker this week...)

So this week for FHE I am going to use that lesson I worked on ALL last last week.. (I usually get on one of the many WONDERFUL blog sites and just use a lesson that has already been prepared and has all of the printables that I need) I know its silly but I'm kind of proud of myself for coming up with something SOO CLEVER on my own;)

This week we have been trying to talk to the kids about making good choices (we actually talk about this topic CONSTANTLY at our house) and how making good choices helps keep us on the path that leads to Heavenly Father and Eternal Life. The kids are still kind of young but I feel like they understand a lot more than I give them credit for sometimes and they have really been eating up this topic lately so i feel like NOW IS MY CHANCE to drive it home... It has always been soo important to me to teach my children about the gospel and help them to develop THEIR very own testimony of the church and its teachings. I feel like if you have a solid testimony of your OWN when life gets hard or when your in tempting situations its a little easier to remember WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU STAND FOR! I remember my teenage years and all the temptations I was faced with and I hope and pray everyday that my kids make better decisions than I did in those critical moments.

The lesson starts with reading a few quotes I found in the form of printables (this is the only part of the lesson that I got from someone else, I am SOOO NOT good at making printables... the printabels I used can be found here.
After we read a few of these quotes we are going to do our super fun activity.

We (and by "WE" I mean Dad.. I told him what I wanted and he created it) used masking tape on our kitchen table to make the "ROAD". Then I printed out some road signs and put them up in different spots on the table, then I had dad go back and create a few "wrong turns" on our game board. I made the playing cards and questions last week so we are ready to play!! You start off by drawing a scenario card, if your kids cant read like mine then they draw the card and hand it to me and I read them there scenario. Then they get to decide if its a good or bad scenario. If its Good that means its something that is going to help us stay on the straight and narrow path that leads to Eternal Life and if its bad that means it will lead us away from Heavenly Fathers path. Once you've decided you choose the appropriate coordinating card Either a "GOOD" card or a "BAD" card and that card tells you how many "street signs" you get to move forward or backwards:) this game was a HUGE HIT for Bri and Ryker!!!

We started with our opening prayer: Briyler (because he was having a hard time being reverent)

opening song: Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, the primary colors

Activity- Keeping our Families on the Road to Him!

closing prayer: ooops :)



We read a few of these quotes before we started.

Ryker was LOVING this activity

Briyler didn't always follow the rules but he loved driving his car around on the Road

I don't remember whose turn it was but one of them is cheating:)

Briyler and his "cheese" smile

These boys have such a good time together! Best buds

Ryker loves to pose for the camera:)

Dugi and Pipa LOVE LOVE LOVE each other. They sit and play with each other all day, soo cute.

Dugi wants to drive THIS car on the road.. sure why not buddy!

Pipa is such a sweet smiley little girl!

TUI!! I know he's under a pink mobile but everything is in boxes and I don't know where the boys one is:)

How do you not love his little smile!! Melts my heart!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Game Day on the Blue Turf!


Ok so that might be a little dramatic but the last 2 games have been awful for BYU.. We are totally killing ourselves. This weeks game ended almost as crazy as last weeks game. Neither team had a kicker so pretty much every play was GOING FOR IT.. Its almost like there was no such thing as 4th down. Our Defense KILLED IT holding the bronco's to only 1 touchdown and at one point the bronco's had the ball on the 1 and our D held them to NOTHING, 4 and out baby.. Was the BEST SERIES IN THE GAME!  The whole first quarter went scoreless, INSANE. Boise scored 1st and after Doman FINALLY took out Riley Nelson (due to a back injury) the freshman Tasum Hill scored our first TD, to tie the game.. Except we DIDNT TIE because Branco decided to go for a 2 point conversion and we DIDNT GET IT with 3 min left in the game!!!! Boise got a first down and then ran the clock down... BYU loss 7 to 6.... It wouldnt have been soo bad but after the game we had a 6 hour drive home!!! The loss had plenty of time to set in!! since Kaj and Trevor had to work in the morning they slept in the back seat on  the way home and that left me and dad to hang out in the front seat. I probably wasnt the best of company since I was soo tired, and all I could think about was having to be up in a few hours with ALL of the kids. You dont realise just how improtant sleep is until your a mom:) either way it was a great time hanging out with the hubby, dad and brother, we always find a good laugh somewhere along the way, and it makes for wonderful memories together.

Here's to hoping BYU can get it together and pull out another WIN!!

Boise state!!

waiting for the gates to open:)

SMURF TURF, its just as hideous in person:)


lets go Cougs!

Trev wanted to get "boise state" in the background

good lookin group of guys!

trevor has "personal space" issues:)


sooo handsome:)