Tuesday, July 31, 2012

White Family reunion FHE

Today was the white family reunion,(up parley's canyon) and we decided to count that as our FHE for this week:) The kids had A BLAST playing on the play ground, trying to beat dad in horse shoes, finding money in the saw dust and catching "FLYING CANDY".. We all ate LOTS of food and homemade Ice Cream, because that's what your supposed to do at family reunions right? :O) I think RJ said he went back for 4ths, haha.

So a funny little thing that happened, Kaj ran into an old friend from his Dixie college days. He is ALWAYS running into people everywhere we go. Even in TX he ran into a few old friends, seriously I NEVER run into anyone and I'm the social one!!!!

Yep I'm one lucky lady!!! such a handsome man:O)

Kynlie eating bark off the playground

Briyler LOVES play grounds!!

he was pretending to be in jail... ahh ohh!

Mom and Bri!!

He was being a little clingy when we first got there

Malea before she found her BFF's

Your never to old to play on the play ground!

Kynlie before she made a mess of her dress and lost her shoes:)

Tickle Tickle!

Dad lookin good, while kynlie is not happy:)

Malea, Tasha, and Sammy... They sure do have a good time together

Dad and Tyler playing horse shoes

Briyler's "cool" face:)

Kynlie playing with her daddy! He was swinging her into the soccer ball, she loved it!

Tyler "being bored" waiting for Kaj to get done playing with Kynlie:) he sure does love his uncle Kaj.

Dugi will find mud or water anywhere he goes!! :)

siblings!! Soo cute! (there faces were sooo super messy from the ice cream)

brothers:) Rj and Tyler

Kynlie girl after dinner, what a CUTE MESS!

He found the mud now it was time to find the water:) the boys throwing rocks into the stream

"saw dust" game, find the money!

" MOM I DID IT" wooo hooo way to go buddy!

Briyler was on one tonight.. He usually hates pictures but he told me to take a picture of him running... This is soo him, he runs everywhere right now!

Perfect form!! although I think "your" build is not quite made for being a kicker:) I was thinking more along the lines of a defensive player.. but that's just me.

Football is exhausting!! :O)

Grandma with Tui, he is such a good baby!

Dad helping Kynlie pick up some candy before the big kids take it all.

Dugi doesn't leave grandmas side:) not even for candy!

Yep dad took the picture!! He couldn't tell me to put her skirt down!!! :O)

Mom and her baby girl!

Love this MAN!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday's are wonderful

I am def going for some kind of record with another post for this week.. :) Today was actually a pretty good day. We were all ready for church EARLY so Dad took a picture of me and Kynlie for proof. (We are usually the last ones ready)

The kids all did REALLY well during sacrament meeting, there were a few not so reverent moments but for the most part (and for having 7 kids) they did great. They all had a great time in there classes and were super excited to get home to watch church movies. After about 6 movies Kynlie and Dugi finally woke up from nap and it was time to head over to grandmas for family dinner.. (the kids MOST FAV thing about sunday's) I dont know why I didnt get pictures of today, I think it was because I was just relaxing and enjoying our time together. My ABSOLUTE, MOST FAV part of the day was on our way home from grandma's. The kids were playing "I SPY" and RJ said " I spy something cool, Tyler said "Kaj" and RJ said "yep your right", then Malea piped in with "AND NIKKI" and Tyler quickly said "NO!! She's not cool she's beautiful" AHHHHHHH HOW SWEET IS THAT!!!! I love sweet little moments with the kids. Hope everyone enjoyed there Sunday!!!

Tomorrow is the White family reunion so I think that is going to count as our FHE for tomorrow..:) WOOP WOOP, mom gets a day off!!

Did I mention the nap that dad got to take after church.. LUCKY!!!

Tyler liked his nap today too.

Mom and Dad playing with Trevors camera at grandmas house :)

Funny honey!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Smore's up AF canyon, family time!!

Because we haven't had enough fun this week.... Kaj and I decided to take the kids to the pool and then head up to roast some marshmallows in the canyon. It is a lot of work getting 7 kids dressed and ready for the pool: Swim suits, swim diapers/plastic covers, life jackets, wipes, bottles/formula, snacks, towels, sunscreen, dry clothes/diapers, swim toys and stroller for Tui.. Once we get to the pool I wont even mention how nerve racking it is watching all of them!!( Kaj and I are constantly counting heads. The kids are getting a little more comfortable in the water and that means its a little more dangerous for the younger ones, AKA DUGI!!!) But they LOVE the pool so we were more than happy to take them.

After the pool was over we had to get home to change, have dinner (roman noodles:), lay out some of our church clothes, pack up smores stuff, and still have time to stop for firewood.... *ohh and when I say pack up a few things that includes grandma and grandpa, They really do help soo much!! Whenever Kaj and I go anywhere one of  us always asks if mom and dad are going to be able to come. It eases our nerves having 2 more sets of eyes and hands for all of the kids, and they are really good company to have:O) Plus we need another car since not everyone can have a seat belt in ours.* So after we loaded up both cars we were on our way.

The drive was absolutely breath taking!! I love summer time and how beautiful the canyons are, I feel like its a little piece of Heaven here on earth. Something that is meant for us to enjoy, and I hope my kids get the same feeling I get when I'm taking in all of Heavenly Fathers beautiful creations... After a WHOLE LOTA fun outside we had to hurry home... We had to get 7 kids bathed, the rest of our church clothes layed out and EVERYONE in bed ON TIME so we will be able to make it to 8:30 AM church!!! Speaking of 830 church I should probably get up and get myself ready for the sabbath..

I LOVE MAKING MEMORIES TOGETHER ! Here are a few pictures to enjoy:)

Brothers, LOVE THIS

Malea hanging out with grandpa by the river

Bri LOVES his treats!


Dad likes his marshmallows BURNT!! BLAH!!

Here's a Secret: Dugi is roasting NOTHING:)

RJ still likes to pretend like he's to cool to smile:)


Grandpa and RJ

Malea watching the river, she liked the water

Actually the ALL LIKED the water

Daddy and his baby girl

Tyler Jumping off the trail onto the rocks.. OOOWW

My fav pic of Dugi

A pretty good shot of BRI

Grandpa is doing the NY IRON MAN in 2 weeks and he is SOO NERVOUS about getting hurt that he wouldn't even walk the trail down to the river.. it was like 5 steps!!!!!


Love this little girl!

Grandma and Tui

Bri climbing on the rocks in the river

Grandpa and Dugi walking to the car.. Only grandpa could get him to leave peacefully.. He wanted to PLAY IN THE WATER!!!! and I think everyone in the canyon heard it:)

Ohh and before I go to bed I have to share some funny pictures from this morning... (kaj had a ward softball game this morning. Since it started pretty early and then Kaj was asked to stay and play in the second game the kids were ALL PRETTY CRANKY... thank goodness for grandmas STICKERS!!!)

Dugi had stickers EVERYWHERE!

Poor lady next to us was soo sweet, she let Dugi sit in her chair for a good part of the game.

someone would put the stickers on Kynlie, and she would peel them off and eat them:) haha

They loved putting the stickers on there faces

Yep Bri had to have the green ones

RJ having some sticker fun

Malea having LOTS of sticker fun

and Tyler, he didnt want anything to do with the stickers:)

Dad after his games!! TIRED and ready for a nap:)