Saturday, June 1, 2013


I cant believe school is FINALLY OUT!!!! YAYAYA, I don't know whose more excited me or the kids ;) Briyler left with Grandma Trish to visit Uncle Trent and "his girls" in Wyoming and Ryker is leaving Friday night to spend his HALF of the summer with his dad... HALF, i'm having a little bit of anxiety right now!! But I thought with Briyler gone and Ryker leaving soon we might as well make the last day of school a BIG DEAL:) ... I thought it might be fun if we could have a little party for all the kids in the culdesac, instead of me just doing something for Ryker. So I texted a few of the neighborhood moms and lucky for me they were totally game!!! WOOO HOOO! We put our heads together and came up with a few fun games (water balloons, donuts on a string and somehow the bow and arrows were brought out) After the game the moms had brunch and just hung out and all the kids ran WILD outside for a few hours... Such a Fun Day, the only thing missing was the Little Briyler man:) Even though I know he's having soo much fun, its hard not to miss him.. Ryker asked for him non stop at the party and even wanted to call him to say goodbye before he had to leave.. I LOVE that they get along so well and I really love that they both say they are best friends. Makes a mama proud :)

Welcome to SUMMER BUDDY!!!

a very small portion of the neighborhood kids :) such a fun group of kiddo's
This is Rykers basket after the little kids had already taken out the items they wanted.. :) Ryker was a nice big brother and let them have what they wanted.

WATER BALLOONS!! (someone please invent a hose attachment that magically ties the balloons too, PLEASE!!)

The sugar cookies that I stayed up until 2 am making.. They were well worth it, SOOO YUMMY!!

Tui playing while mommy helps set up for brunch :)
Kynlie was in heaven after Afton gave her a cup full of chips.

Dugi had no idea what to do with the water balloon

Kynlie was pretty confused herself.. :) seriously am I this boring, my kids don't even know how to have a water balloon fight!!

Dugi "bobbing" for donuts

He cheated most of the time, stinker

Sammy taking a break just long enough to smile for the camera

Tui was pretty much done for by this time. 2 hours late for nap, I don't think this has ever happened in his whole little life..

Yep that boy on the end, the one that is CHEATING, is also my child :)

fun group of boys

Ryker is missing his front teeth so this was actually quite hard for him (funny to watch though)

Ryker and Daniel kept getting tangled up..

I could not stop laughing at them, eating off of each others faces.. Great team work boys ;)

funny but soo gross

finally Sammy decided to step in and help out, he cut the string to rykers donut..
I didn't get any pictures of the adults cause I was to busy talking :) and trying to keep track of the 3 babies but we had a great time!!! Sooo fun to have such wonderful neighbors


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