Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy "SUPER DADS" Day

FATHERS DAY IS FINALLY HERE:) I Love the idea of celebrating DADS.  They really are somethin' special and for me the term "dad" is someone who is more than just a provider for the family. I am soo blessed to have such a wonderful Dad, not only was he a great provider he has been a great example to me over the years.. He has traveled for work for longer than I can remember, and although it wasn't always the easiest way for us to live he made sure we always knew that even though Dad was gone we could call to talk to him and we knew for sure he would be home for the things that were REALLY important to us (competitions, games, daddy daughter activities and football seasons, cause when your a kid those are pretty important to you:). I know that this was a HUGE sacrifice for him and my mom and that it has not been an easy road for them but I am soo grateful that they showed me that "I/THEY CAN DO HARD THINGS", they have always fought to keep our family together and I am soo thankful that they have showed me how important it is to put Heavenly Father first and "endure to the end" no matter what and no matter how hard things get..  Who would have thought that those would be the lessons that I needed in my early adult hood, who knows where i'd be today without there examples  :O)

On top of having a WONDERFUL DAD, I have an amazing husband who is such a great father to our children. He leads by example and although he is tough on them he loves them unconditionally and I couldn't ask for anything more.  He truly does inspire me to be a better person, his love for his children and his Heavenly Father is something that I admire in him. I don't know how I got soo lucky but I am grateful I did! :) Here is to celebrating all of the wonderful "Dad's" in my life!!!


all of the amazing 'SUPER DAD'S" in the fam, minus my big bro Al :(

Helpin his MIL with the grillin', what an awesome catch!!
Aunt Lexi and little Pipa girl

Briyler hanging out playing cars

Love this picture!! Look at how happy they both look:) Grandma and her little girl!


Just playin numbers

Briyler giving grandpa his "fathers/grandpa's day" card... He picked it out all by himself and inside there was a dancing bear...

I wish I would have recorded the actual reaction, SOOOO FUNNY!!!

Super Dad and the 4 of us that live in Utah, sure did miss Al and Whitney

This little sassy thing has on grandmas heals

don't worry I can still take care of misty:)

Look at that happy face!

SUPER DAD/UNCLE, always has his hands full... LOVE HIM LIKE CRAZY

"superman pose" or "licking the frosting off the cake" pose? Both are cute

"wait I forgot to take a picture,  reopen it and act like its the first time"... Way to HAM IT UP HONEY
Tui getting to be such a big boy!

ahh and this is the reason I'm not a cake decorator

FEED ME!!!!!

Thanks to all the Dad's for being such great sports, the kids and I loved the party idea:) Hope you all know just how important you are to us, we Love you guys SOOO MUCH!!!

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