Monday, January 28, 2013

Briyler's 4!!

How did this day get here SOOO FAST!! Briyler shares his special day with his uncle Trevor and "Papa Hall" but that I don't even think he notices. He was completely spoiled by all of his aunts and uncles and grandma's and grandpa's.. We enjoyed a special dinner at Texas Road house (uncle Trevors choice) and then enjoyed a cars/spiderman birthday cake (Briylers choice) with half chocolate and half white cake.. SUPER YUMMY! Briyler got a ton of play dough and spiderman gifts and he couldn't have been happier.. Thanks soo much EVERYONE.

Briyler at age 4

* You love to do everything Ryker is doing
* You put on a show anytime you can get attention
-which is funny because you dont really like big crowds.
* You are kind of sensitive
* You like to play the new leapster you got for Christmas
* You are VERY big for your age (a wopping 45 lbs)
* You love Spiderman,  cars, Tangled and cartoons
* You like to break dance for your aunts and uncles
* You love to play with play dough but only if Ryker is home to play with you
* Your favorite food is hot dogs but you will eat anything and everything that I put in front of you
* Your favorite person is Grandma (that is EVERYONE'S favorite person though)
* Your favorite color is green
* You wrestle with pretty much everyone you see
* You like BYU (other than that you don't care to much about sports)
* You are pretty funny and make everyone laugh with your crazy stories
* You learned to ride a scooter this year and you are sad that it is winter and you don't get to ride it on your birthday
* You are clingy when you get embarrassed or when your in trouble
* You love to snuggle up and watch a movie when your tired.
* You cant wait for the movie "Planes" to come out
* You want to be a spy
* You Make me and daddy smile and WE LOVE YOU more than you'll EVER KNOW!!

Happy Birthday to a SUPER COOL 4 year old!


I absolutely LOVE the holiday season. We try not to go overboard on shopping or get to caught up in the stresses of the season hoping that will leave us with lots of time to be together and enjoy the simple blessings life brings us:) I LOVE spending time as a family, this year we have been able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas with the kids and what a blessing it has been. It has been so fun to see the kids taking on a new understanding of why we celebrate Christmas and what the "true meaning" really is. They are still young so I'm sure we will go through lots of "new understandings" but it is fun to watch them grow. I want our kids to know how important it is to GIVE, (not only during the holiday season) but especially during this time of year. This year has been more than humbling for our family, we have received numerous anonymous gifts which have made it possible for our kids to have a Christmas this year. I can not express in words how grateful I am to each and every person for their small and BIG acts of kindness towards our family but I can say that although I cant pay it back immediately I can pay it forward .. and I can make sure that my children grow up learning the importance of service and generosity.  This year we have seen the temple lights, acted out the nativity, drove around the see the lights on the "polar express" ( aka: dodge durango style) :), I am lucky that Kaj has always LOVED this time of year so he really initiates a lot of the activities that we do, the kids love to see dad get so excited and involved in our activities and it is super fun for me too :)

I have been having a hard time uploading pictures so hopefully i can fix that asap.. (I am super behind on the whole blogging thing :)